There have been quite a few times this year that I have heard the phrase: “When we make plans, God laughs.” And to say that this has not felt like the biggest understatement of my life would be a lie. When I came to Danville, I was so excited for a time when I was able to be with people again and get back to some semblance of normalcy after 2020, being isolated from everyone when I was in Texas. So I moved, started getting a little bit settled, and immediately found out that I had leukemia and needed to be hospitalized--away from EVERYONE. My poor extroverted heart broke. And yet, this year, I have been surrounded by more community and love than I could have ever fathomed. My life is entirely different than I could have ever imagined as we entered 2021, and though this hasn’t been easy, it is continuing to form and shape the person I am and the person I will become. And now we enter this space at FCC. That crossroads of things we don’t want to do, which will ultimately shape who we all will become. 

A theme of my life which I keep coming back to these past couple of weeks is this tendency for me to come to a job or a place amidst a big season of change. I will come in, anticipating something, and quickly find myself venturing down a road of figuring out everything except that which has always been. And to be honest, even though it can be a little daunting, this liminal space of uncertainty is where I am my best. Sitting in the ambiguity of all that we could do or be. Listening to the audacious hope of what the body of Christ could do through the hands and feet of our community. Grieving what we thought might have been, while dreaming about all that could be. These are the gifts which God has given me for this time with you. 

We are in a season of change at First Christian. COVID has left us asking so many questions about how we do things and how we care for each other. We are constantly having to reexamine what being together looks like as we try to keep everyone as safe as we can while also naming that we as people long for community and being together. What I want you to know is that I’m here. Lean on me. I know you are all still getting to know me, but know that I am here to walk with you as we transition into what God is calling First Christian to next. Lean on me like you have let me lean on you these past months. I am so excited for what is ahead. I have no clue what it might look like, but together, with grace and creativity, with holding fast to each other with gentleness, we will watch God’s plan flourish--and if we listen closely we will probably hear God giggling in the background at the plans we have made. 


Catherine DeMoss

Associate Pastor



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