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Pastor's Note

In Remembrance

First Christian Church of Danville gathers each week around the communion table, remembering and speaking aloud the words Christ taught as he instituted the Lord’s Supper. We participate in the sacrament “in remembrance” of Jesus. Through faithful remembrance of both Jesus’ words and Jesus’ actions at his last supper this gift has been handed down from generation to generation.


This past Memorial Day we have remembered the names of those we have loved who have died. We tended their final resting places. Our thoughts have been filled with precious memories. We are their legacy, and much of who we are and what we are – in both spiritual and material things – have been handed down to us from them.


As we have followed those who came before us, what will we hand down to those who follow? How will we be remembered? In the context of our church family, will we leave more than an empty spot in a pew?


As you plan for the distribution of your accumulated resources for when “the earthly tent we live in is folded, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” (II Cor. 5:1), make a consideration remembering Christ’s ministry. This is a way your life and faith will be re-membered with love.


This will support those who follow as you your-self have been supported by those who came before. Such planned giving undergirds our congregation’s ministry for the uncertain, turbulent future facing Christians.


Like those who’ve come before us at First Chris-tian, we can use our final plans to demonstrate a final act of faith. The Bible repeatedly empha-sizes the resources we claim as our own are but bestowed by God. God’s will for us is to use them wisely throughout our lifetimes. Through our estate plans, we can provide for remember-ing our loved ones while also remembering God with a faithful response to further the Gospel. We will be remembered by our giving.


There is an array of options available for offering a planned gift. Charitable gift annuities provid-ing income for life without concern for market volatility or inflation, charitable remainder trusts remembering both others and the Lord, and en-dowing a church pledge are some examples. Making such plans can allow for mitigating capi-tal gains on property and stocks while mitigating both current income or future estate tax.


Suzy and I have made a stepped estate plan ulti-mately resulting with our daughter, son and congregation each receiving a one-third child’s portion. Please remember the church in your final plans.

Rev Colby Smith

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